Does Lemieux have disputes with Crosby? Silly, the owner of Pittsburgh responds

Of course, it can only be a fiction, an evil slander, but at least among the Pittsburgh fans, this news has stirred up. Matthew Barnaby, playing the legendary Lemieux in the 2001/02 season with a penguin on his chest after

November sober. Arsenal has not won for a month

Arsenal fans need to feel relief when looking at the calendar. November was over and their favorites could win again. The last time they played in the league last season in Swansea. Since then, they have been tied with Tottenham,

Basketball players started qualifying by losing to Estonia

TALLINN – Slovenian basketball players have lost 74:95 in their initial qualifying meeting on the European Championship 2013 in the Estonian base A-group at Tallinn. Petra Bálint will meet at the second meeting on 18 August in Leicester against the

Hockey legend returns: This Russian in 43 years will help CSKA Moscow

MOSCOW – Legendary Russian Ice Hockey Center Sergey Fiodorov (born December 13, 1969) tied the skates from the nail and as a 43-year-old prepares to return to the skating rink. The man with nearly 1250 scheduled NHL meetings ended his

Vucket met with New York City with Shatan: He broke up how they agreed to Sochi

BRATISLAVA – Slovak ice hockey team coach Vladimir Vuitek received a consensus bet offers opinion from defender Ľubomír Višňovský during his overseas inspection visit for the start of the next winter Olympic Games in Sochi. An experienced defender helped him

Debakel for the poor Žilinians: Nitra shattered the wolves 7: 0

NITRA – After the “dating” ten-minute hit as the first Nitra. In the 13th minute, Stümpel pushed the puck to L. Novák, who sent a shot to the lead with 1: 0. Three minutes later the score changed again. In

VIDEO Fantastic Mak was caught favoring Dortmund, Liverpool did not hold the lead at home

BRATISLAVA – Slovak football player Róbert Mak made a 1-0 draw against PAOK in Thessaloniki with Borussia Dortmund in the second round of the UEFA European League group stage.The Greek team has scored the second point in the C-group table,

There are objections to the National Stadium

BRATISLAVA. There are objections in the public competition for the construction of the National Football Stadium (NFŠ). The Public Procurement Authority (IMO) examines the objections to the exclusion of the unlisted tenderer at the stage before the opening of the

In the final of the final, Gáborík did not get to the Rangers, the other Slovaks won

LOS ANGELES. Repeat last year’s Stanley Cup finals beat Los Angeles on home ice with New York Rangers 3: 4, even after six minutes lead 2: 0. But the hosts then shot four goals in a row and the home

Bartoli, in Wimbledon, surprisingly won

LONDON. Belarusian tennis player Viktoria Azarenkova won 6: 2, 6: 0 in the second round of Wimbledon in London over Romina Oprandi’s 26-year-old. It was rewarded for the debacle twice 1: 6, which had already begun in the 2007 season